OceanChain brings blockchain technology to the maritime economy, with the goal of combining decentralization, international collaboration and human consensus to find new solutions to existing problems. OceanChain will utilize the dynamics of tokens and private funding to modernize the international maritime industry and advance the development of ocean technologies. OceanChain is supported by a number of Asia’s largest satellite and blockchain companies, with OceanChain being based on the Qtum blockchain platform.

Project Significance

The value of the global shipping industry is expected to reach USD 210 billion by 2021. However, the industry still relies on outdated and inefficient technology, and blockchain will provide innovative solutions. Likewise, fishing vessels in Asia have reached 3.5 million. It is predicted that offshore marine fishing satellite communication market capacity will reach 5.5 billion dollars and the ocean marine fishery satellite communication market will be USD 450 million. Taking the 30 million fishing capture employees in the Asia-Pacific region as an example, the OceanChain online fishery trading platform is expected to attract more than 6 million registered users.

3.5 Million

Fishing Vessels in Asia-Pacific Region

5.5 Billion

Satellite Communications market

88 Billion

US dollars Online Transaction

600 Million

Potential Users


Ocean Chain Has Three Features

These features can solve the current multiple difficulties faced by the maritime and marine fishery market, such as complicated settlement of multiple currencies, chaotic scenarios of marine payment, insufficient maritime credit investigation data, the lack of cultural interaction activities and so on. Under such circumstances, OceanChain is committed to creating a new marine consumption ecosystem.

Multi-System Linkage

Node Tracking

Ecological Token Function



Centered on ecological scenarios of the maritime and marine fishery industries, a series of industry-oriented service platform systems will be built based on OceanChain, with communication, entertainment, e-commerce, settlement of transactions, medical insurance and financial services at the core. The platforms will correlate with one another, forming cross-industry and cross-region ecological integration.

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